Sunday, July 15, 2018


Cake pops to celebrate Emma's birthday in Nursery. Her favorite colors.

I subbed in Sunbeams and I made this with playdoh. It's Matt, can't you tell?

Jackson made Christian with playdoh.

Autumn is an artist! She did the horse all by herself.

She also did this pink and white...thing.

I'm glad I was able to sub in Sunbeams today because I needed a distraction. Our puppy, William, had to go in for surgery today. It appears that he ate a rag/cloth a few days back. He hasn't been able to eat or drink anything in days, he is losing weight quickly, and has been very lethargic. The surgery was to remove the cloth blockage. We heard from the vet and he is doing fine now, but he will have to stay overnight. Since they were already doing surgery we decided to have him neutered at the same time. I would feel bad about that, but he ate a I don't.

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  1. Their kids do have natural artistic abilities. It's fun to notice kids talents so early on!