Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Drive home

After a lot of thought about the blizzard in MN yesterday I decided to head home anyway and see how far I could get.

First I had to make a pit stop in Olathe, KS to pick up some chips and dips for Kelsey.

I took the kids to McDonald's for lunch and thought it might be nice for them to play before getting back in the car. Mistake. Neither child ate much of their food. They went straight for the play area and when our time was up Jackson screamed about leaving. He screamed all the way into the bathroom. He screamed for 15 minutes, at least, in the bathroom. (See picture below.) In this period of time Jackson was on and off that toilet 5 times, he locked me out of the stall and I was forced to crawl under the door 2 times, I forced Jackson to wash his hands 2 times, but Emma was an ANGEL! I was finally able to drag him out of the bathroom after he had gone potty. I was so angry. No more play places on the drive home.

It started to snow in northern Iowa. My dad convinced me to stay the night in a hotel because the roads were absolutely terrible in the twin cities. Christian is the BEST! He found the next closest city and booked us a hotel while we were driving.

The bed was as tall as Emma. ha!

I took the kids to Noodles & Company for dinner.

And then we watched tv until 11 pm.

Emma managed to smash her ear and a bruise started to form. Poor girl.

Late night kids' shows.

The next day we only had a few more hours, the wind was dying down and the snow was melting off the road. We got food (can you guess where the kids ate?)

We made it home in time to get the babysitter and go to the Weird Al concert!

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