Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Christian's sister, Rachael, came to town this past weekend so we decided to do something speical and fun...we went to the Renaissance Festival! And we even dressed up! Here is Jackson's 5 minute outfit. I made him a cardboard sword that didn't last very long.

We parked in a far away lot so we got to ride in a school bus that took us to the entrance. Jackson was so happy (and asked to ride the school bus again frequently throughout the fair). Sitting with Auntie Rachael!

Emma got "stuck" with Dada. She usually prefers me...too bad! Love on your father, too, please.

I bought myself and Jackson a Harry Potter wand. I couldn't resist! He wielded that wand around, poking dirt with it. Someday I need to read him those books!

Christian was approached by a woman selling painted roses who insisted he buy me a rose. He couldn't really say no to that, and I really didn't mind. ;)

Christian and Scott didn't want to dress up.

Emma looking at things safely from her stroller. The festival was actually really busy so I hesitated to let her out to roam around. She came out later on, in the kid area.

So much to see...

LaLa and Rachael

We watch jousting from the back where there was room for us to look through a stable. Fun, but less so than I was thinking it would be.

Jackson and I rode an elephant!! He wasn't scared at all either! We gave the elephant a nice pat between the ears. (I was most excited for this since I rode an elephant last time I was at the renaissance festival as a teenager and thought it was the coolest thing.)

Christian was determined to buy a Viking hat and I let him. Looks good on him! The turkey leg was pretty ok.

We all took a bite.

Even Jackson!

We made our way to the Viking Encampment. I actually wished there was more to see there. Maybe next time we will catch one of their discussions/demonstrations. They sat in the big Viking chair and Jackson blew Christian's horn (it came with his Viking hat).

LaLa took a turn in the chair, too.

All of us enjoying the ren fest!

 Jackson and Rachael sitting in a chair that was in the process of being carved.

Rachael and Christian being typical siblings.

The kids corner. Jackson was having a plastic wand made and Emma played with our empty water bottles. Notice I unbuckled her to let her out...but she didn't want to leave the stroller.

Jackson got a balloon animal, a red cat.

Jackson, his red cat, and a yummy orange sucker!

I felt like I looked like I was dressed to be doing laundry, and I found some! But I have enough at home that need tending so...

We found a dragon. Dragons eat red balloon cats right?

We had such a fun time! I LOVED all the shops and interesting places to visit. We missed a lot of things that I really wanted to do, so we will have to come back again very soon.

Emma was the perfect child, as always. She didn't complain about being in the stroller...

...but she was so happy to get out and climb around at the end.

I was a bad mom and let them run around on the picnic table. It's the renaissance festival...people do a lot of things that isn't typically appropriate.

 I'm most surprised that Christian enjoyed himself!

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  1. It's the hat. How could he not enjoy it with his new hat! Looks like a fun day! I liked your outfit and Jacksons 5 min outfit was perfect!