Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 2 Eclipse and an old friend in Missouri

We started the day with rain. Lots of it. But it didn't slow us down! We drove 4 hours from Des Moines to a little town in central Missouri to see an old friend of mine. My kids were seriously angels in the car the whole morning and we made GREAT time! (And no potty accidents all day!)

Julia and I were roommates in Holladay, Utah from August 2009 to February 2011. She was definitely one of my favorite roommates! We watched lots of tv shows and stayed up too late talking. We ate at Apollo burger all the time where they knew my order...veggie burger with ketchup, in a smiley face on the patty, and cheese fries. (It helped that she worked there, too.) Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for her, she got married and moved so we couldn't be roomies anymore. I still remember dropping her off at the Salt Lake airport thinking I'd be picking her up in 5 days...but she never came back. I missed her tons, but due to circumstances at the time she was needed with her fiance at the time.

I met her kids and sister for the first time today. Her husband was at school so I still haven't met him yet. Maybe someday! Jackson and T hit it off pretty quickly. T and B are such handsome boys!!

I was there in time for the Great American Eclipse so we made our way outside after lunch. We watched as moon slowly made its way over the sun.

We all took turns with the eclipse glasses that I brought.

The shadows cast from the leaves on the trees were all crescent shaped. Super neat!

And a video!

The eclipse looked just like it does in pictures. It almost looked photo-shopped in the sky. It was seriously brilliant! The insects got louder like they do at night and the temperature dropped, but only slightly. During totality it felt and looked like dusk. I wish the video did it justice. It was so much darker outside than it looked like in the video. I promise.

Jackson and T running through a tunnel bridge.

We made it to the park for some playtime after the total eclipse was over. We kept sneaking peeks at the sun and moon as they continued to pass each other.

The extreme humidity didn't keep them from playing. I felt like I had stepped into a shower.

I love this picture of a crescent shadow.

We went back to Julia's house (well, her mom's house because they are transitioning between homes). The kids played together for a few hours until it was clear my kids were done playing, tired, and hangry. I could have talked with Julia and her sister, Helen, all day and night, but I supposed I had to go sometime. They are so easy to talk to. It almost seemed like no time had passed since we were living together in Utah.

We continued on to Independence, MO. My kids slept for the entire hour and 20 minutes, so I got to listen to my book on tape.

It feels so good to lay on a nice bed after a hot day. Jackson is watching Cars on the DVD player we are borrowing from Christy and Emma is trying to fall asleep. Two days down...two more long days to go. So excited for Utah!

I'm very bummed that I brought the wrong charger for my laptop so I may not be able to post again until Christian brings my charger with him on Friday. :(

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