Sunday, June 18, 2017

Family movie night

On a whim we decided to take Jackson (and Emma) to see Cars 3. We went after Christian finished his work on Friday. Due to the showtime we were one of 3 families in the movie theater. That was really nice!

Jackson sat with his popcorn on his lap and ate to his heart's (stomach's) content! This was his first time in a movie theater!

I think he was really fascinated with the HUGE movie screen.

Emma had no interest in watching the movie. She lost interest before the 2nd preview came on. Bummer. But since we were in a practically empty theater no one was bothered when I took her to the other side and let her climb up and down the stairs.

Jackson made it about an hour into the movie before he was tired and started acting up. We had warned him about being loud a few times before, but he just had too much energy. He started yelling at Christian and getting frustrated so we had to take him out. Oh well. Next time!

In the car he cried about going home, and then fell completely asleep in 5 minutes. I'm excited to rent the movie when it comes out to show him rest of it and see how it ends.

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