Friday, May 25, 2018

Closing Day!

It is CLOSING DAY! I will miss this townhome. I didn't want to move. It was the first and only house we've ever purchased. It is Emma's first and only home. My kids grew to toddler age in this house. It is the only home any of our pets have lived in (although they would be much happier in something bigger). I don't like leaving things behind that have any significance to me... Christian had been talking about moving for ages, but couldn't get me to agree until just 2 months ago. It was never the right time. That all changed 2 months ago when I finally got the confirmation I needed that it WAS the right time.

We have been BLESSED because we waited to sell, and my attitude has completely turned around. The timing could not have been any more perfect. We found our house before our townhouse was even on the market, AND they accepted our list price offer. We sold our townhouse in 2 days. We made 15k over our asking price, and a lot more than what we still owed on it. We made enough money for a down payment on our new house, to buy furniture, and to almost completely pay off our credit card debt. The closing date for our townhouse was the day before our vacation so we could sell our house and then go relax for a week right after (and we had planned our NC vacation before we even agreed to sell our house, so again, perfect timing). Our new house will be big enough to add to our family and still be comfortable. I'm so excited!! I've never been so excited for a new home!

Napoleon went to the daycare/kennel first thing in the morning. He LOVES that place! He saw the building from the car and suddenly perked up. He will be happy while we are gone.

We ate donuts for breakfast. Outside, of course, so we didn't get crumbs all over the newly vacuumed and cleaned carpet.

We went through the house looking for anything we may have missed. Emma and Jackson in their room for the last time.

Family selfies in front of the house, one last time. Christian and I were both exhausted, sweating, and didn't smell so good. This is what selling a house really looks like!


Christian had to buy a new piece for the toilet because the buyers requested (this morning!! ugh) that we fix the toilet before we leave. NO. We don't have tools to do it at this point in the move. Christian left the new part on the counter for them to do themselves. It was bad enough that they did their final run through last night when we were in the middle of cleaning and packing still...

I took the kids to my parents house while Christian took care of the last bit of house stuff! Glad he was still at the house because I forgot my Dyson vacuum. I would have hated to lose that.

Jackson and Emma had a grand time with the hose.

They watered all of Grandma's bushes and trees.

And probably all the grass. Congratulations Grandma and Granddaddy, you're grass will stay green all summer long.


My mom watched the kids while Christian and I went to sell our townhouse. I couldn't believe it was actually happening! This is the face of a man selling his house.

This is the face of a man who just sold his house. We had to stop for food because we didn't have time to grab lunch on the way to closing. Smashburger for the win!

My mom sent me some pictures of the kids while we were gone. They went to the park across the street.

After closing I picked up the kids. We went to Target to get a pool (so hot outside today) and then met up with Christy and the kids to get cookies at Eileen's Colossal Cookies. I'm so glad we discovered this place. Their cookies are to die for!

Unfortunately, I picked the wrong cookie for Jackson. Not my fault, he wouldn't pick a cookie when I asked him. He cried for 10 minutes and smashed Emma's cookie out of her hands. I was NOT pleased with him.

We met back up at my parents house. We were so excited to set up on the pool because it had been such a hot day. When it was finally set up it almost immediately started raining and getting cold.

I managed a couple pictures before that happened.

Snapchats from my mom.

My flip flops broke, but good thing I had already bought some new ones while I was a Target with the kids!

Guess what brand I got myself...Cat & Jack! Haha. I'm wearing the biggest size children flip flops Target had.

Grandma saw that the kids fell asleep. She turned on youtube videos of "fish" and lullabies.

Jackson was out first and when Grandma stopped the videos Emma fell asleep quickly after.

It's be an eventful day. We are looking forward to our vacation tomorrow. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Last Thursday

One of the most stressful moving/packing/cleaning days we've had. It was also the last one. I spent the morning packing the last few things in the storage container before it was picked up and taken away. Christian was on a work call when they called to say they were coming to pick up the storage container. So Christian was scrounging up the last bit of clothes he could find and putting them in bags while he was on his call so I could take them out to the container.

Bye stuff!

Christian bought a carpet cleaner, but it BROKE while he was cleaning the first room. UGH! He had to take it back and return it. He ended up just renting one instead. He didn't want another new carpet cleaner to break. We were on a time crunch because the buyers were coming over that evening for a last look at the townhouse before purchasing.

Hanging out in our bedroom while we cleaned. Patient children!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Last Wednesday + Staring Park

Playgroup was at Staring Park in Eden Prairie. The kids deserved a morning at the park so we went. And I'm glad we went because this was one of the coolest parks we've been to in Minnesota.

The little ones.

Jackson took to climbing on things. He didn't even look remotely afraid of the rope.

Emma found the perfect slide for her.

Jackson played with the wheel turner thing. Carter is on the other side.

Emma is so photogenic!

There were two levels to this park, and three different play areas. Jackson was happy to go exploring without me. This slide went to the lower level of the park.

He was an excellent climber!


They both took turns on swings.

Big kid swing!

Jackson liked this spinning thing.

Taking a break.

Jackson, Emma, Ethan, Aubrey, Carter, and Ava. The last picture before Ethan's bathroom accident. Christy spend 30 minutes cleaning up poop. Yikes! Poor Christy!! ...Kids...

Jackson climbed to the top!!

We went home and ate hot dogs. Why does Emma eat her hot dogs so strangely?


The kids relaxed on the couch watching Toy Story with their Woody and Buzz. I packed.

I packed up my cake/cupcake decorating tools. I will miss them!!

Emma got too excited about her bed being smaller (we packed the box spring into the storage container) and she misjudged the distance of the wall when she flopped on her bed. She banged her forehead on the cable hookup piece on the wall and got a big bump and bruise.