Friday, March 16, 2018

Sunday reminder

"Some things matter; some things done. A few things last; but most things won't."

A good reminder to focus on enjoying my family more and less on the house cleaning. Right? Because my kids will only be little for a short time. Right? Ok, I accept! Sorry house, you will stay messy today.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My firefighter

This boy is into fire trucks and firefighters right now. He loves that Christy's kids have a firefighter helmet, firetrucks, and medals to wear.

Mid-month post

The kids ate the little trees from the Chinese food we ordered. Yay!

Christian did something weird with Emma's superhero figurines. All hail Superwoman?

Mmm guacamole!

I taught Emma to say "poop deck" and Christian is really mad. He loves all kinds of ships and he and the kids have been looking at his old British naval ship book. He's irritated that I would teach the kids to laugh at them.

Bad at at the grocery store with the kids. They were VERY tired.

Christian's plastic containers from lunch NEVER show up back in the house. So I bought some containers of my own. They are labeled. I even prepared him a rice and curry in a Ziploc bag because I was so annoyed with him not bringing his containers back. Seriously, someone teach this man to bring them back!

Napoleon playing.

Fighting over the squeaky pig. 

My frosting logs ready to pipe on to the cupcakes.

We are all ready for Autumn's birthday party!

Cat butt in face. Ugh! Why would you sit on me like that?

Don't wake children so that they can eat dinner. They will hate you. Why?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pi Day

I wanted to surprise Christian with something nice because he's been really busy at work lately...assuming two very different and demanding positions with the new company. (Hopefully they can get more people hired to help with accounts and sales so he doesn't have to do that anymore.) He loves pie and I saw Pi Day was coming up, SO...duh!

I have a recipe for a caramel apple pie that, he says, is his all-time favorite pie. It takes a long time of standing in the kitchen to make, so I don't make it often. BUT, I love Christian and knew he would really appreciate the treat and the effort put into it.

I had a fun idea to incorporate the numbers of pi into my apple pie. I have fondant number cutters that were perfect!

Ready for the oven.


I don't like pie, but this is a pie I will eat! The crust is amazing (Paula Dean's recipe) and the filling is even better (don't remember where I got the filling recipe).

A picture of my recipe. Since I KNOW you need this pie in your life.

Ria's birthday play date

Ria turned ONE year old on Pi Day!

Emma looking her best for her friend's birthday party.

I bought the kids a Beatles hat to share. Thanks Target, it's so cute!

Amber used some decorations from the RS birthday activity. So glad they could be used a second time!

Aubrey and Ria


Amber taking a picture of her birthday girl.

Pie time! I have a feeling Ria will be having pie for her Pi Day birthday for a while. (Unless, of course, she doesn't like me.)

Emma and Eva in their mint colored shirts.

Ria and her presents. I love her yellow dress!

Then the kids played together until it was time to go.

Happy birthday Ria!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tot Time

I didn't get any pictures at Tot Time, but I got three short videos...

Emma was excited to start playing, and that she had the place all to herself.

Jackson went down the inflatable slide.

Emma decided she was brave enough to do that, too. She climbed up in the tunnel all by herself and didn't hesitate to slide down. She did it at least 6 times.

This particular trip to Tot Time I ran into an old high school friend AND my 6th grade teacher. My teacher didn't recognize me, BUT she remembered my year. It was her first year of teaching and it was the year the Twin Towers were hit. I just can't believe we both have kids close to the same age right now...

Monday, March 12, 2018

Coloring and Curry

Highlight #1 for today was coloring in a huge box! Gotta take advantage of those boxes when you get them! (And now I need new markers because they got out of the box and left them all uncapped.)

Highlight #2 was the most delicious Panang Curry! Recipe from America's Test Kitchen (best recipe subscription ever).

I was skeptical until I added the kaffir lime leaves. Those enhanced the smell and flavor by like 500%. So worth the trip to the Asian Market (in Savage) with two grumpy children to get the leaves. Another favorite curry recipe for my collection!