Friday, December 15, 2017

Mid month photo dump

Anastasia in the bathtub with the kids. She jumped on to the ledge of the bathtub and I may or may not have pushed her into the water...

Jackson making a face at Grandma's phone.

Emma wanted to join the Sunbeams.

She may be too young for Sunbeans, but she starts Nursery next month!!

Christy came over to make Carter's 1st birthday cupcakes! I was only used for direction and moral support, she did all the work! Go Christy! And any excuse to socialize is good with me. :)

Jackson climbed in to bed with us and told us to, "Get up! The sun is up, it's happy time!"

Sitting patiently in the waiting room while we wait to see the doctor. I thought she may have an ear infection.

No ear infection!

All our pets in one shot. Napoleon, Ace, and Anastasia.

I made a DELICIOUS rib eye steak for dinner and Napoleon was happy to take the bone off our hands.

Hannah had a surprise birthday party for playgroup. Happy birthday Hannah!

Ana enjoying some milk. I heard from someone that milk is bad for kittens. Oops, hopefully she's fine.

Jackson loving on the cat.

Jackson organizing the clean laundry!

He's good at it, too.

Fit throwing, as per usual.

Jackson loves Christian's tablet. Christian downloaded a Lego car building game on it and Jackson is pro at it now.


Anastasia climbed up on my shoulders to take a nap and I almost cancelled my entire day. SO. Cute.

Cupcake making! I got to try out my nice double-decker cupcake carrier. It holds 24 frosted and decorated cupcakes!

My hugely risky way of transporting cakes...I should probably invest in a cake transport container. This is at least the second time I've transported a cake this way and I've had anxiety about it each time.

Ana cuddles.

She likes faux fur. Good taste!

Christian came back from his photo shoot with Kelsey covered in glitter!

Anastasia still hates Napoleon, but sometimes I can get her to calm down enough to tolerate him being out at the same time.

Emma guarding the service note cards for me at church.


Emma has been really sad and clingy lately. But sometimes I catch her when she's content.


Glitter Beard!

Kelsey had an amazing idea she wanted to do for a photography project, and she asked Christian to be the face (or more appropriately, "the beard").

Without further ado...glitter beard!

And...there's the Christian frown I know.

I have the perfect idea for his birthday...

Thursday, December 14, 2017

RS Christmas dinner

The Relief Society dinner fell on the same night as Christian's work dinner. I was sad to miss out on his work Christmas dinner, I actually really like getting to know the people he works with everyday, but I was so happy to be celebrating the Christmas season with church friends!

I was in charge of the RS program. I had so much anxiety about getting the tv hooked up to watch the two videos I had prepared for the program. Technology scares me (that's why I married Christian...just kidding!). But I set it all up by myself! So proud of me!

We had a talented sister do the centerpieces for the tables.

And another talented sister (and her husband) made the Christmas angel decorations.

The food was so good. I wish I had gotten pictures of the rest of dinner and the cheesecake. 

The program I was in charge of. My first one. Next time I'll get someone else to manage the tv while I sit comfortably behind the piano.

Sister Hadley, our RS president gave a beautiful message to finish the night.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the RS dinner and to my babysitter for watching the kids while both Christian and I went out to our separate parties.

Chipotle and a friendaversary

Kelsey and I share a love for Chipotle. The only difference is that she goes all the time and I hardly ever go. (I wish they had a DRIVE THRU!) And what better way to share our 1 year friendaversary on Facebook than to share burritos for lunch together?!

Our kids had a great time! They hardly ate anything.

These boys are so fun to watch. They are so crazy together!

Emma held her chips, but that's about all she did with them.

Our kids are awesome together!

This progression of these next pictures is funny. Jackson just kept pushing Autumn out of the way...

Jackson wouldn't eat when I told him to. I'm not even sure why I bought him food. When we got in the car to leave he had the audacity to say, "I'm hungry. Can I have my food?" I laughed in his face. I think I asked him 30 times to eat his food while we sat in the restaurant.