Wednesday, June 21, 2017

4th of July Mini Session Kids Photos

And...the kids together!! They did so well, except that Emma is wicked fast and couldn't sit still for more than one photo at a time.

Kelsey is so great! And Kelsey is photographing my sister's wedding next week, too. Many thanks!

Did you notice the superhero themed outfits? Happy, very early, 4th of July! I probably won't have time to post during the holiday anyway...

4th of July Mini Session Emma Photos

I love these pictures so much I could not choose. So here are all the pictures I got back from Kelsey from our 4th of July mini session!

4th of July Mini Session Jackson Photos

Before the photo shoot I had to tell Jackson that Kelsey was going to take nice pictures with her camera and that he does not to be nervous or shy (like last time). We also practiced saying "cheese."

He did great! It helped that I let him pick out a treat at the grocery store as incentive.

Practicing for senior photos?