Thursday, October 5, 2017


My friend, Jake, asked me for my London pictures yesterday because somehow his were destroyed. (He didn't actually tell me what happened.) I got to thinking that I may want to backup these pictures somewhere too. I don't have a scanner but I have a pretty capable phone camera. So here are my old pictures (NOT IN ORDER).

London Dec 26, 2005-Jan 3(?), 2006

Marching band photo. I'm on the bottom, 4 people in on the right side.

Walking on Abbey Road in the dark.

David, me, Jake on New Years Eve at the hotel.

Me, David, and Jake outside Westminster Abby.

The only picture I have of me in Amsterdam, with David.

Tehya, David, Jake, and my hat.

Me, Rusty, Whitney

David, Jake, Tehya, and me at King's Cross Station, platform 9 3/4.

Waiting to march in the London New Year's Day parade.

 Jake attempting to lick his elbow (I can!) at the airport.

Big Ben at night.

Harrods at night.

The outside of Royal Albert Hall and snow.

Tehya, Abby, and David

A London street.





Erin and Evan

Double-decker bus!

Homes in London.

Grass outside Parliament.

Me and Big Ben.

Warwick Castle

Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare's house.

Shakespeare's house

National Maritime Museum

Prime Meridian with Whitney, me, Abby, and Dan.

Me on the Prime Meridian

London outside the Maritime Museum.

Big Ben


Westminster Abbey

Outside Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guards.

Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral?

London War Memorial

Horse and Chariot Statue

Me wearing a helmet at the Tower of London.

Torture apparatus in Tower of London.

Sam and Amy outside Warwick Castle.

Abby and Whitney

Sam and Amy

Mikhail with Ice Age street decoration.

London Trocadero where we spent time at an arcade.

Westminster Abbey

Tehya, David, and Jake

Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.

Sheri, Esther, Mr. Hanson, and Mr. K.

View from St. Paul's Cathedral.

Queen Anne of Great Britain outside of St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Statue of Queen Anne

David and Shakespeare's Globe Theater

London Bridge and Tower Bridge behind it.

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Sam, Dan, Amy, Whitney, Rusty, Scott, and Erin outside of Warwick Castle

Me with a few characters.

Erin and Amy

On top of the Warwick Castle


Warwick Castle

More Warwick Castle


John Lennon's Instant Karma at the Hard Rock Cafe vault.

John Lennon's jacket.

John's glasses

Keith Moon's jacket.

David, me, and Jake on New Year's Eve 2005.


Jake, Tehya, and David

Jill, Ryanne, and Amy

Me and Tehya

David, Dan, Tehya, and Jake

Dan and David

David and Tehya


Mr. K and classmates

David and Tehya

David and Jake

Mr. K and more classmates.

The best picture of Mr. K ever.

Abbey Road in the dark.

Whitney and her blue candy smile.